The Art of Mastering Parenting

Why I’m Giving up on Trying to Always Function as Fun Mother

I took my kids to the children’s arts center the other week and my worry was how they will be in contact with the dirt’s in the museum. I have seen the research that children’s museums lurk with a number of the unpleasant germs around, but as a stay-at-home mom, I cannot attest to that. So on this day, I was especially excited to go. Within the museum auditorium, a wrestling-themed birthday celebration was occurring. Since the door opened temporarily to allow the next wave of individuals in, I had a glance inside.

I don’t use this phrase regularly, but it was glorious. The whole, an arena was decorated to the perfection. There were wrestling rings put up, fake glittering straps hooked on the wall along with adults in Hulk Hogan costumes. There was even a vintage-looking “fighting game” artwork with the fortunate birthday boy’s face on it. What ought to be appreciated is the whole event was lovely and to any mother who would have been there would have shared the same sentiments.

Am unable to organize her such kind of party, and here is why; I love to have fun, but that I also have pretty incapacitating social anxiety. Being in a big crowd makes me nervous. Her papa, on the other hand, is a person who adores such type of things. A theatre whizz in high school, he can manage any sort stage. He can throw a fantastic party to our daughter at anyplace our kid would love to or these birthday parties with Hulk Hogan costumes in a heartbeat.

While my nervousness is just a part of the problem, truth be told, there is another reason I am not capable of becoming the “enjoyable” mother. I cannot maintain the standards in arranging birthday parties that people come with Hulk hogan costumes or inside a museum. But I could try to throw the ideal birthday celebration our small city has ever seen, and also a similar one such as the one that I saw people wearing Hulk Hogan costumes. But the only problem is that I will be stuck with a huge bill and confetti to sweep up for days.

Conversely, by relieving myself of this heaviness to throw a celebration that leaves people talking for months, I am taking that energy to somewhere it will be worthwhile. I am leaning into motherhood full-time. I am giving them the affection, memoirs, and attention that they deserve at this stage in their own lives.

Her birthday is soon approaching and I am still undecided on what we’ll do. We might organize for the nozzle in the garden and let her friends splash themselves silly. Or we may organize a party similar to the museum where kids will wear Hulk Hogan costumes to make it even more unforgettable.