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Christ Like Media: Your Ultimate Online Resource in Your Quest for Truth

The world we are living today is so busy, and we don’t even have time to utter a sincere prayer anymore. People do a lot of things in order to survive, to attain their needs and wants, and to feel they belong to the world. We are always searching for truth, and humans have created different aspects and the basis of knowledge as evidenced by science and technology, mathematical concepts, and other branches of learning, answering why a baby can be born without a brain, and even to question where did God come from. We have been rulers and dictators for so many years, the captain of our own ship, and the sole decision-maker. However, we are always thirsty for power, knowledge, food, and wealth, and we barely recognize God and our life’s purpose.

How do people know God and learn Jesus’ teachings in this modern times? The best ways to get to know Christ aside from the Bible is through the Web or digital technology. The world’s Christian leaders and the Pope even recognize and use digital technology to reach more people to know God and Christ’s teachings, as evidenced by the utilization of social media, websites, applications, texts, and videos. You are probably spending hours playing games online, checking your social media account, chatting with your friends, and watching all sorts of funny videos, so it will not harm you visiting Christian websites like Christ like Media to get a daily dose of inspiration to strengthen your faith by watching Christian videos.

Why do we need to be one with God and strengthen our relationship and faith with Him? Our faith and beliefs are the keys to our salvation. Have you ever experienced facing a major challenge in your life that you almost gave up? What made you stayed on your senses and decided to fight? Love is the reason behind your strong will and power. At the very least we love our life, our family, our dreams, our future, and our Creator. Why do people prioritize material things and least devote time to spend time with God? This is because people don’t really know God.

If a person truly knows God, then his time, effort, and money prioritize God. If you are reading this article, you are lucky because you just opened your heart to God, so start sharing the good news, and encourage your friends and family to watch Christian videos, read the Bible, and share inspirational quotes though Christ Like Media. It is never too late to learn about your Creator, know about Christ and His teachings, realize your life’s purpose, and become a witness to God’s goodness.

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